Six Plush Upgrades for your Modular Home

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Modular Home Manufacturers
Living Room Upgrades

Prefab home designers turn your dream home aspirations into a fully conceived vision, both interior-wise and exterior-wise. Customization is something that buyers feed into the modular home manufacturers and they communicate interior specs to the designer. Below are six integrated prefab customizations that never go out of the window in plush prefabs.

Concrete Porches cum Raised Bed

The concrete porch can be added at the front or back or on either side of small prefab homes. While adding the porch, also think of planting a raised bed garden to make your home surroundings colorful. You would be happy that you implemented the porch at the back of the house during the spring season.

Garage cum Driveway

You ensure a safe parking lot when you choose to add the garage at your prefab home. Try integrating the garage with a driveway, without which driving a car through to the garage would be unsmooth. Not only that, driveway gives a space for you to sit and have conversations during leisure time.

A Fireplace inside Living Rooms

To feel warmth at home, put a fireplace inside the living rooms. This is a plush addition to your prefab home, and the incoming guests would appreciate the warmth and hospitality you provide. If you approach modern modular home manufacturers, they would tell a fireplace is essential in the colder areas especially.

The Kitchen Window

Add a box bay in the modular kitchen next to the kitchen hub or where the furnace is placed. Box bays may seem like minor home additions on paper, but as an upgrade, it provides a window that projects outwards, making cooking a fun experience. It is the little upgrades that matter the most when you start living big with prefab housing.

The Modular Cabinets

The cabinets make full use of the interiors if they are adequately placed and properly arranged. In fact, the standard upgrade is the base-level cabinets, which get cornered in the modular kitchen. The base level cabinets are easy to install with the help of a plumber or the modular home manufacturers.

The Interior Trims

The trims are carved on log ceilings and walls of a prefab home. When you upgrade a modular prefab home, select trim carvings that fully realize your interior aspirations.