Methods to Heat and Cool Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured Homes Heating And Cooling System

Manufactured homes make use of mechanical systems to heat and cool the interior of the home. Modern manufactured homes use different heating and cooling systems, and some of the most popular systems used in manufactured homes are discussed below.

Air-Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be used to heat and cool homes. This is not a well-known option, but heat pumps are less expensive and more efficient than centralized air conditioning units are. Heat pumps are commonly used in cheap manufactured homes and work by exchanging hot air for cold air in summer and cold air for warm air in winter.

These pumps have limitations in heating a home when the atmosphere temperature drops below 35°F. This is one of the reasons heat pumps are not commonly seen in North America.


A furnace can be gas or electric and has an air-circulating fan. This fan blows heated air to the interior of the mobile home. Furnaces are usually small and can be accommodated inside a closet in the manufactured home. These furnaces should be maintained properly to avoid issues in heating. Filters of the furnace should be changed timely to avoid potential issues.

Split Unit Central AC

These units are very commonly used in manufactured homes. These units force cool air throughout the home. The air is circulated via ducts that are placed under the floor or above ceiling. These ducts are nothing but the passages for the cold air from the air handler to a vent. Usually, this vent will be placed under the floor of the manufactured home.

It is named Split Unit, as the air conditioning system use two different appliances to circulate cool air throughout the house. There will be an exterior condenser or compressor that is placed outside the home, and an Evaporator Unit, which is also called as Air Handler.

The Air Handler unit will be placed inside the home and a fan will be attached to the evaporator. This fan will blow the conditioned air from the Air Handler throughout the home.

Evaporative Coolers

These coolers are also known as Swamp Coolers or Desert Coolers and are self-contained units. These units make use of the act of evaporation of a coolant liquid to decrease the inside temperature of a manufactured home. These coolers also use ducts to distribute the conditioned air throughout the house.