How to Clear Bad Smell from Modular Homes

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Clear Bad Smell

Bad smell may prevail at modular homes through cooking wastage, mildew or mold growth, etc. Getting rid of the bad smell can be done with precaution, and by maintaining several parts of the home. Most homeowners say that bad smell can only be masked with joss stick, room sprays, and room fresheners. However, there are many practical ways to clear bad smell from your house, and get a fresh amount of air into the modular home.

Tap the Sewage Drains

Drains have traps that prevent the sewer gas from entering the home. These sewer traps should be filled with water as the water blocks the odor between the home and the plumbing system. Odors may enter the home if the trap dries out in the floor drain in the basement, so pour some water into the dry drain. Water would flow through the sewer pipes and get captured in the sewage trap thereby avoiding bad smell in the plumbing systems.

Seal the Closet Flange

The wax ring seals the gaps between the bottom toilet and the closet flange. On the other hand, the closet flange mounts the toilet to the floor, and bridges the toilet drain and the drainpipe. If there is a leakage in the toilet drain or in the closet flange, you should properly seal that with a wax ring. If the new sealing does not clear bad smell in toilets, you might need to seek professional help.

Use Clorox Detergents

Cigarette smoke penetrates a wooden wall and prevails throughout the modular home. If you have not used the Clorox detergents in rooms for a while, do it to clear the bad smell of cigarette. In addition, shut off the room for a couple of days after using Clorox detergents and then open all windows to clear the bad smell off the home.

Use Baking Soda

Clearing kitchen odor can seem to be quite daunting at the beginning, but it isn’t. The easiest way to clear bad smell from the kitchen is to place baking soda where the foul smell exists. Baking soda absorbs the odor and is affordable to buy too. Further, placing an opened box of baking soda in the fridge will help to clear all that bad smell from the refrigerator as well.

Doing the above-mentioned home maintenance tasks would surely improve the sustainability in living. Consult with your modular home manufacturers to learn more tips and tricks.