Drainage and Plumbing Issues in Modular Homes

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Modular Home Manufacturers
Modular Home Plumbing Issues

It will be good to know how to diagnose poor drainage and other ventilation issues in the plumbing system of your modular home. Issues like foul smell, slow drainage, and gurgling can be fixed easily.

Plumbers are expensive and it will be good if you know how to fix these simple plumbing issues on your own. In addition, having a good understanding about the plumbing system of your modular home can help you save money while hiring a professional to fix plumbing issues.

Modular versus Site-Built Home Plumbing

There are a few differences in the plumbing system of modular homes and conventional site-built homes. In modular homes, the plumbing pipes are placed under the floor, but in site-built homes, these pipes are placed inside the walls. This means that getting to the plumbing duties is easier in modular homes.

Moreover, modular home plumbing do not have overflows and cleanouts like site-built homes. While trying to fix trunk line blockages, the lack of cleanouts can prove to be an issue, but technically, this is not a modular home issue, but a site preparation issue.

Modular homes have played an important role in the evolution of modern plumbing. Latest technologies and new products are often used in these factory-built homes, before making their way to the site-built homes. For instance, PEX, a now favorite product of many plumbers, was first used by modular home manufacturers.

The Basic Elements of Plumbing

All home plumbing system, whether modular or site built, consists of three main elements, supply lines, drainage lines, and ventilation lines. All three elements of the plumbing system work together and if one part is broken, the complete system will be broken.

Supply lines carry water into and throughout the house. The biggest concerns with supply lines are the leak around connections. Another issue is the frozen water line, which can be fixed very easily by a trained and experienced plumber.

Drainage lines carry wastewater out of the house. These lines use gravity, traps, and ventilations to make sure that the waste removal is efficient and optimal. The drainage system can be considered a completely closed one that has negative and positive pressure. All the parts of the system should work properly to allow the system function properly.