Common Finishing Works for Modular Homes

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Modular Home Manufacturers
Modular Homes Finishing Works

You may be familiar with the fact that the construction of modular homes happens inside a climate-controlled factory. This means that the construction process of these houses will not be delayed by rain or any other factors. This in turn speeds up the construction process of modular homes.

However, your newly built modular home will not be delivered to your building site as fully completed. You will have to perform a number of important finishing works before moving into the building. Here are some of the most common local finishing works recommended by professional modular home manufacturers.

Finishing HVAC

HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Make sure to hire a local contractor to connect the ducts of the HVAC system. You should also ask the contractor to make a connection between your modular home and the neighborhood pipes for sewage and water supply.

Installing Interior Trim

Modular home factories usually install most of the interior trim but they are unable to interior trim the marriage wall from the factory. This is because the interior trim at the marriage wall of your modular home can only be installed after placing the home on a permanent foundation. So, make sure to install the interior trim at the marriage walls of your house after placing it on the foundation.

Installing Exterior Trim

Most modular home manufacturers prefer not to install the exterior trim and the finishing materials, to ensure safe transport of your factory built home. However, they will hand over the exterior trim to your builder when they deliver your modular home to the building site. So, hire an experienced local builder and ask him to install the exterior trim and other finishing materials carefully and properly.

Install Siding

Some of the exterior walls of the newly built modular home may lack siding or it may arrive at your building site with big gaps in siding. Modular home manufacturers do this intentionally as it will help to avoid the chances of having a vertical line on the side of the modular home. So, ask your local builder to install the sidings.

Repair Drywall Cracks

Conduct a thorough inspection of your modular home and check whether there are any drywall cracks or other structural issues to it. If there are any issues, consult with your local contractor and address the issues as fast as possible.