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Steps to Follow when Selling Cheap Manufactured Homes

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Selling Cheap Manufactured Homes

Many manufactured homeowners in the country prefer to sell their house after residing in it for a few years. They do this mainly because selling a manufactured home helps them to earn a large profit and lets them build a new factory-built home with an increased living space.

However, if you want to acquire the best deal when selling cheap manufactured homes, then you need to get in touch with experienced manufactured home dealers and ask them what the price of your old manufactured home is. Additionally, you should be willing to make a few upgrades and additions to your existing manufactured house because it will significantly boost the resale value of your home. Below are a few simple steps that you should follow when you are selling an older manufactured house.


The first and most important thing to do after deciding to sell your manufactured home is to conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Hire an experienced manufactured homebuilder to do the job for you. A thorough inspection of your home will help you understand whether there are any damages or other structural issues on the house. If there are any serious issues, ask your homebuilder to fix the same efficiently because it will help you get a better deal.


Most of the prospective homeowners look for cheap manufactured homes with two or more bathrooms. If your home has only one bathroom, then it might draw away potential homebuyers from purchasing your house. You should take note of the fact that additional living space and multiple bathrooms attract more homebuyers. If your budget permits, perform a room addition or bathroom addition on your existing manufactured home before you put up a “For Sale” board on the site. Even if you were running low on budget, you could look for some cheap home remodeling projects.

Follow the Rules

Most of the manufactured home communities in the country have their own specific set of rules when it comes to selling a house. So, if you are manufactured home is located inside a manufactured home community, then it would be best to follow the set of rules and regulations set by the manufactured home community when selling the house. Simply get in touch with the manager or seniors members of the community and ask them whether there are any rules to follow when you are selling your home inside the community.