Tips to Maintain Mobile Home Roofing

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Like any other roofing, manufactured home roofing also needs timely maintenance and repair as most of the manufactured home roofs are made of metal. Aluminum is the most common metal that is used in manufactured home roofing, and ensuring that the roof is not rusting and covering the holes is the best way to get the most out of the home roofing. In addition, a well-maintained manufactured home for sale will be able to get great manufactured home prices. Some easy tips to clean the roof of manufactured homes are explained below.

Clean the Roof

It is very important to keep the coat of paint on the roofing fresh. This will help to keep dust and debris off the roofing shades and prevent damages to the sheet due to rusting. You can use a scrub brush and water to clean the roof before doing the other maintenance works. You may also make use of a pressure washer to clean the roofing, but take care not to increase the pressure much as it may dent the aluminum sheet.

Fill Holes

The next thing is to locate holes in the roofing that are very large to be fixed with roofing cement or a protective coat. You need to make use of a piece of sheet metal to cover the damaged area completely and use silicon caulking to attach the piece of metal to the roofing. Before attaching the sheet metal, make sure that the area is clean and follow the directions provided with the caulking to ensure the best results.

Apply Roof Coat

Now you need to apply a roof coating for aluminum roofs, which you can buy from a local hardware store. Follow the instructions provided on the roof coat cover to apply it evenly on the roofing. You can use a paintbrush to ensure even application of the coating. This coating can help fix small holes in the sheet and can help prevent leaks caused by rust or some other damages to it. Ensure that the complete surface of the roofing is coated with it.

These are some of the things that you can do to protect the roofing of manufactured homes. You may also apply a coat of painting over the protection coating, as it will provide enhanced protection to the roofing.