Roof-Over Options for your Manufactured Home

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Roof-Over Options

If the roof of your old manufactured home has started to fail or if you are planning to give an upgrade to the roof of your home, then there are two choices for you. The first choice is to completely replace the roof of your home while the second one is to perform a roof over.

A roof over of cheap manufactured homes involves placing a roofing material or a new roof over the existing roof of the home. A manufactured home roof cover offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to change the look of their manufactured home.

You will be able to change the color, shape and even the material of your manufactured home’s roof when you are doing a home roof over. Below is some of the most common roof over for cheap manufactured homes.

Flat to Pitched Mobile Home Roof Over

The popularity of manufactured homes with flat roofs has seen a significant decrease in the last few years. This is because this type of roof requires extra maintenance, and need regular re-coatings. In addition to that, flat roofs without a gutter system or overhang may cause damage to the exterior walls of your manufactured home.

However, you can considerably reduce the damage by turning your flat roof into a peaked or pitched roof and by offering overhang.

Mobile Home Roof Over With Single-Ply TPO

Single ply TPO membranes are a popular choice for manufactured homes with a low slope or flat roofs. TPO membranes, which are polyester reinforced reflective coverings made from a blend of plastic and rubber, offers much protection to your manufactured home.

In addition, it will also help lower the energy bills of your home by about 30 percent in hot weathers as it reflects the sun rays efficiently.

Shingled Mobile Home Roof Over

The installation of shingle roof over is done right over the existing roof of your present manufactured home. A single layer of shingles is considerably heavy, meaning that two layers of shingles may put too much pressure on your factory built home. If you are planning to add an extra layer of shingles, then make sure to get an expert’s opinion before you proceed with the decision.