Outlandish Ways to Exchange Pre-1976 Homes for New Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured Home Dealers
Exchange Pre-1976 Homes

Trade-ins are a popular concept among manufactured home dealers as well as mobile home dwellers. Usually, the towed mobile homes are exchanged for new manufactured homes and trade-ins happen midway through a Lonnie Deal as well. Obviously, knowing the rules of the trade and the process as a whole would help you find a price trade-off with dealers or the buyer. Below are four ways to ensure that you get a good deal for your home and safeguard the investment spent on new manufactured homes.

Dealers Rely On NADA Guides and Appraised Value

Usually, manufactured home dealers would crosscheck the wholesale book value as published in the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website. That being said, NADA guides won’t publish the appraised value of pre-1976 mobile homes, but those build afterward. Moreover, the appraised value of a home may vary as per the date built, residing home property conditions, the expense of removing the old towed home from the property, and the due balance on a mortgage, if any.

Trade-Ins Entail Price Discounts

Manufactured home dealers would take old trailers as a trade-in for a newer home. In fact, dealers buy trailers from occupants and resell them to park owners in a Lonnie Deal. However, if you approach dealers before they move a towed home to a trailer park, you may get better discounts, which usually goes to the park owners. Same way, you could approach a moving company that moves the trailers to parks to get price discounts or freebies.

Pre-Owned Mobile Homes for Sale

The foreclosed mobile homes are those that are repossessed by a lender and put on sale by investors, and investors trade safely with such mobile homes. The foreclosures offer unconventional ways to find an affordable deal for mobile home dwellers. If the dwellers in and around an American suburb have paid mortgage debts, foreclosed mobile homes may not even exist.

The Salvaged Home: The Conceptual Trade

Oddly, some of the pre-1976 mobile homes may have nil trade-in value due to the cost of erection and transportation cost to new property lot. Retailers or the manufactured home dealers bear the expenses incurred such as trade-in transportation as well. The endured cost would secure the sale, and helps a dealer bring a salvaged home safely into a new property lot.