Important Fire Safety Tips for Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured Home Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety is an indispensable part of manufactured homes, which requires careful planning and preparation. The best way for avoiding any fire incidents is to understand the root causes of fire accidents. Afterwards, applying the necessary steps to prevent them is crucial for guaranteeing the safety from fire related accidents. Described below are some tips and suggestions to augment fire safety in your manufactured home.

Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a necessary addition for every manufactured home. They can detect a fire at its starting stage and alert the occupants of the home through alarms. Install smoke detectors in every sleeping room and living areas of your home. Inter-connecting these smoke alarms is another excellent way to alert the entire home if fire breaks out in one location.

Regularly check that these smoke detectors are working by checking their battery levels. Replace the batteries with fresh ones if it shows signs of lower battery levels. Once in a month, check the detectors are working by activating the test button located on the device.

Repair the Electrical Systems

A malfunctioning electrical system can be the primary cause of fires in your home. Observe for any signs of problems in the electrical supply like flickering lights, blown circuits, etc. Note that apart from the problems in the electrical circuits, other factors such as improper usage of electrical appliances also contribute to fire accidents.

So when operating electrical appliances, avoid overloading the supply and make sure that the electrical cords are freely arranged. Install good circuit breakers and other modern devices that minimize any such risks of fire hazards and electrical shock.

Avoiding Unattended Cooking

Unattended cooking is also a major contributor to household fires. The use of highly inflammable gases for cooking purposes further adds to the dangers involved in unattended cooking.

Make sure to keep the cooking surfaces neat and clean, always. Keep away all flammable things to a safe distance from the cooking area. Above all, always be present at the kitchen when cooking dishes.

Install Wall Linings

Manufactured homes with the post HUD standard are required to install wall linings. They will prevent the spreading of the flames, but be sure not to hang any drapery or wall hangings over them. It can reduce the efficiency of the protection offered by these linings.

Heating Systems

While using heating systems, make sure to position these devices at least three feet away from combustible materials. Moreover, purchase heaters that have excellent quality and safety features like auto shut off switches.