How to Tint the Windows of Manufactured Homes

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Window tinting can be an excellent thing that you can do on your own. Tinting the windows of manufactured homes does not require many tools, yet it can boost the manufactured home prices significantly.

Window tinting offers many benefits for a very low investment, such as helping to reduce the heating and cooling charges, decreasing the amount of UV light entering the home, and preventing fading of the curtains and furnishing. The steps to install window tint in your manufactured home are explained below.

Select a Tint

Window tinting films are available in a variety of colors. If you are looking for a neutral tint, you can go for shades of grey. Bronze tints can go well with color tones that are earth themed. Note that opacity of the sheets can also vary.

The solar insulating films are almost invisible, whereas the blackout films are very opaque. The opacity factor of the film affects only the visible light, and will not have any effect on heat exchange.

Measure Windows

First, you will need to measure the width and height of each pane of glass that you plan to tint. Moreover, you need to make sure that you add an overhang of one inch to all the measurements.

You can add up all the measurements to find the total area of window tint that is needed to cover all the windows. It will be very difficult to provide an invisible seam in home window film so you need to avoid sticking together scraps of film.

Order Film

You can find vendors who sell home window tinting film by linear foot and square foot. You need to keep in mind while comparing prices that a 36-inch wide window tint film of one linear foot is equal to three square feet.

Whatever the billing method, the tinting film will arrive in a roll of set width. Make sure that you order enough film to cover all the windows of your manufactured home. Remember, to apply the tint to all the windows of the home, you will need to try it on one of the windows to ensure that you get the desired level of opacity and color.

Many of the home window film retailers offer samples that can be tried to see if it provides the required opacity. If you are satisfied with the film, you can apply the films to the windows following the instructions provided with the film.