How to Find the Age and Manufacturer of Mobile Homes

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If you are planning to buy used mobile homes, you will be looking for answers to questions like “how old is the home?” and “who made the mobile home?” The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) needs the mobile home manufacturer to place a data plate on the interior of the mobile home, which is nothing but an information sticker that has all the details you are looking for.

Data plates of mobile homes offer numerous data about the home in a standardized format. Usually, the data plate will be located on the wall of the master bedroom closet, inside a kitchen cabinet door, or at the electric panel. The details that you can get from the data plate of a mobile home include the following.

Manufacturer Name and Address

You can get the name of the manufacturer from the data plate and if you are not familiar with the name provided on the plate, you may refer to books that offer ratings to manufactured homes. Guides like these can help you know about the manufacturer and will offer you a description about the manufacturer, price range of homes offered by them, construction quality rating, and other details.

Date of Manufacture

If the mobile home was built before 1976, you won’t be able to find a data plate in the house, as there were no HUD requirements before 1976. Finding the year of manufacture of the home is very important though, as the construction standards were made strict over the years. The construction standards and quality of many mobile home manufacturers before the HUD standards varied much.

List of Manufacturer Installed Equipments

This list will also include the model number of the mobile home. Comparing the list of equipments with the cooking range, refrigerator, water heater, and other equipments that are currently installed in the home will let you know if they are new ones or original to the construction.

Certification Label Numbers Listing

Certification label numbers also called as HUD tag numbers and they offer details on the size of the home. The number 1 is for the singlewide mobile homes, number 2 for doublewide, and so on. Certification label numbers will be provided on each transportable section of the mobile home.