Energy Efficient Windows for Manufactured Homes

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Studies show that almost all of the energy lost from cheap manufactured homes is through windows. The simplest cause for that is the windows being larger than the doors, offer more space for the energy to flow out of the home. This is why it is necessary to install energy efficient windows in modern manufactured homes.

Improper window selection can lead to many energy issues as well. If the surface of a window gets hot, it will increase the temperature inside the home and vice versa. If the window sealing is inadequate, air will be able to move in and out of the house, decreasing the overall energy efficiency of the home. In addition to that, heat from sunlight will also penetrate the windows if they do not use energy efficient materials, leading to unwanted heat buildup inside the home.

If you find that the windows of your manufactured home are not energy efficient, you may need to find a mobile or modular home manufacturer to replace the windows with energy efficient ones. Home inspectors or general contractors can help you find the overall energy performance rating of your home and improve it if necessary.

Remember that the energy efficiency requirements of homes will vary with the location of the home. Factors like the design of the home and the climatic conditions of the region will also affect the energy efficiency of the home, so you will need to consider these factors while choosing energy efficient windows for your home.

Energy efficient windows will have a low E-coating and they may have a special coating to control the amount of sunlight that enters the home through the window. Windows with two panes can be another great option as these windows are very efficient in controlling the hot or cold air that enters your home. Windows with two panes will have air gap between the panes and will offer great energy efficiency. The various energy efficient window options for cheap manufactured homes are discussed below.

Jalousie Windows

These windows are very popular energy efficient window option for homes, especially for mobile homes that were made in the late 70’s. This type of window offer good ventilation especially in hot summers. Jalousie windows have many panes that can be kept open to allow air to flow freely.

Awning Windows

This type of window can be compared to Jalousie windows in operation, but they will have only two or three panes. Awning windows open outwards and usually the upper part of the window will be hinged. Energy efficiency of this type of window is very high as the window has a sash that offers good insulation while the window is closed.

Single and Double Sliding Windows

This is another option in energy efficient manufactured home windows. In this window type, the sash slides horizontally to open and close the window. This is also a good option to improve energy efficiency of cheap manufactured homes.