Alternative Cooling Methods Available for Manufactured Homes

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Alternative Cooling Methods

Summer is one of the most uncomfortable times of the year especially to those living in manufactured homes. It can cause severe discomfort to the inhabitants in the home and makes them prone to a variety of skin diseases such as prickly heat.

Usually, the cooling systems are a bit expensive for manufactured homes and require proper installation for circulating the air through all the vents. However, there are many alternative methods to cool down a manufactured home rather than relying on expensive cooling equipment. These methods are ideal for cheap manufactured homes and offer sufficient amount of cooling in the interiors.

Most of these methods focus on the existing features of the home and utilize it for cooling. Below are some of the alternative methods for cooling manufactured homes during the summer.

Using Window Film

Windows are the major source through which sunlight enters inside the house and causes the interiors to warm up quickly. Covering the windows using a cooling film that offers glare protection and insulation is one of the most affordable and effective ways to cool down the home.

Window films block the entry of the heat and the UV rays from the sunlight to enter the home. Besides that, window films are mostly translucent, which provides good privacy to the interiors and can be used as an alternative to using a curtain in summer.

Window films are of different types such as insulating film, glare reducing film, and privacy films. The insulating film is much better to use year round, as they aid in blocking the sun’s heat from entering inside while also retaining heat during the winter.

Cool Roof Coating

Cool roof coating is another alternate and effective method to cool down a manufactured home during summer. The coating reflects and absorbs most of the heat falling on the roof, thereby allowing very little heat to seep into the interiors. Using cool roof coating is a highly effective yet passive cooling method that will significantly lower the interior temperatures of your home.

Cool roof coating is of two types, aluminized asphalt and elastomeric roof coating. The former is more commonly used by manufactured home dealers and is much easier to install. The latter one is very effective as well and can cool down the home significantly.

Desert Coolers

Desert coolers are ideal cooling equipment for dealing with the summer heat in cheap manufactured homes. They can be plugged into a normal power socket and placed anywhere around the room. Desert coolers use the evaporative cooling method of using water to cool the air passing through the chambers. Using a desert cooler can significantly lower the interior temperatures of a home thereby keeping the home cool.