5 Points to Note When Buying an Old Mobile Home

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Buying A PreOwned Mobile Home

The immense popularity of mobile homes has forced many American citizens to build mobile homes rather than building a conventional home. It is a known fact that almost all mobile homes can be purchased for a price that is a lot less than that of conventional site-built homes, which means that mobile homes are undoubtedly a perfect housing choice for the people, who are looking to build a home at an affordable budget.

However, there are a number of factors to be considered before buying a pre-owned mobile home. Taking note of these points will help you to know a lot more about old mobile homes and it will also help you to save plenty of your money.


The construction quality of mobile homes has significantly improved over the last few years. However, an old mobile home may have a number of minor issues or damages. This means that you will have to perform a few repairs on your newly purchased mobile home. So, consult with your local builder and ask them to do the necessary repairs.

Leased Land

Even though most of the mobile homes are installed on a private land, they are mostly found in mobile home parks. Almost all such sites rent the land to the mobile homeowner for a monthly payment. So, make sure to review the rules and regulations of the mobile home park before proposing any offers to rent the land.


Some of the older mobile homes may be structurally intact, but they might be in need of energy efficient upgrades. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that improvements like energy-efficient doors and windows, extra insulation, insulated skirting, and caulking will help the homeowner to cut down energy costs in mobile homes.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Many of the older mobile homes are heated either with a kerosene/oil blend or with oil. If you are living in a colder location, then this will get extremely expensive during the winter season. So, make sure that the central heating and cooling system of the mobile home is working perfectly before buying it.

Interior Parts

It can be a bit difficult to replace the windows, doorknobs, and doors of an older home. This is because these parts are specifically made for the older mobile home models and getting a replacement part for them can be a lot harder. So, try to do a little research before buying a mobile home and check whether the replacements are available or not.