Things you Should Know about Manufacturer Warranties and Retailer Warranties

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Cheap Manufactured Homes
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The immense popularity of cheap manufactured homes has attracted plenty of American citizens towards this housing option. Manufactured homes are self-sustainable, environmentally friendly, and their construction process is a lot faster than that of conventional site-built homes.

If you are planning to buy a new manufactured home for you and your family to live in, then you should realize the fact that warranties are an important aspect of the manufactured home buying process. However, many manufactured homebuyers often overlook and misunderstood manufactured home warranties.

The four different types of manufactured home warranties are manufacturer warranties, retailer warranties, appliance warranties, and implied warranties. Home buyers should be aware of the different kinds of manufactured home, as it will help you to understand what each covers and what one does not cover.

Manufacturer Warranties

You should note the fact that the warranty coverage may vary according to manufactured home manufacturers. So, homebuyers must clearly examine the manufacturer warranties before they buy the home. Most of the manufacturer warranties usually cover substantial defects in these following areas.

  • Workmanship in the housing structure
  • Factory installed heating, plumbing, and electrical systems
  • Factory-installed appliances that might also be covered by appliance warranties

Manufactured warranties usually do not cover these following areas.

  • Normal aging and wear
  • Unauthorized repairs
  • Owner negligence
  • Accidents
  • Improper maintenance and installation

However, you will have to make sure that the repair technician who performs the installation follows the installation instructions set by the manufacturer.

Retailer Warranties

There is a possibility for a retailer to offer a warranty for your manufactured home. So, make sure to see the retailer warranty before buying a manufactured home. It is true that retailer warranties may significantly vary, but they usually include:

  • The terms of the warranty
  • What you should do to maintain the retailer warranty in effect
  • What can you expect from the retailer
  • That the manufactured home has been installed according to the local regulations and manufacturer’s installation instructions

A manufactured home dealers retailer warranty does not cover the issues that arise from:

  • Negligence of the manufactured homeowner
  • Owner’s failure to provide notice for the service
  • Unauthorized repairs

So, make sure to clearly examine the retailer warranties and learn what it covers and what it doesn’t.