Steps in Leveling a Manufactured Home

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Leveling A Manufactured Home

Leveling of manufactured homes is important after its initial placement on the foundation. This is largely because most manufactured homes tend to shift in its position because of various conditions such as the weather and movement of the soil. Such shifting of the home from its initial place can result in improper leveling that can wholly affect the home such as the secure functioning of doors and windows.

Before undertaking the leveling project by oneself, the major prerequisites are safety that includes wearing protective eye gear and work gloves. Moreover, it is better to hire someone while working under the home in case of any emergencies. Below are some of the crucial steps in leveling manufactured houses.

Skirting Removal and Level Check

In most manufactured homes, the skirting is located at the base of the home. Start by carefully removing this skirting from the base and unfasten the tie down straps secured onto the home. After that, check the level of the home by placing the spirit level at the central part of the beam. In doing so, check the level that lies to the nearby support under the home. While placing the level, make sure that the bubble is located at the center.

If the bubble remains at the center, move the spirit level to the next support and check the bubble. In this way, check the level up to the beam end and come back to the center for verifying the level on the other side of the home. While doing so, make sure that the level is placed next to the supports.

Lifting the Beam

Lifting of the beam must be done using a jack if the level indicated unevenness at a certain part of the home. While lifting the home to its necessary height, make sure to position a wood piece beneath the jack for properly supporting the jack. Gently lift the home using the jack until the bubble in the spirit level occupies the center of the scale.

Utilizing Shims

Place shims in between the spaces of the support and the beam and use a hammer for properly securing it. After this is done, carefully lower the jack until the beam rests properly on the shims and look at the levels. Keep on doing this process on the beam in parts where the level is not in the middle.

Make sure that the plumbing lines are not damaged during the leveling. If found damaged or disconnected, repair them first before placing the home skirting back. After that, fasten the tie straps and reattach the skirting.