Simple Tips to Decorate your Mobile Home

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Decorate Mobile Homes

Many people choose mobile homes over other housing options because these structures have become an affordable alternative to conventional site-built homes. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to position your mobile home in a semi-permanent park or in a remote area, you will certainly want to decorate it with grace and style.

Decorating your mobile home and adding a few additional extras or inclusions to the home will make it look a lot more unique and attractive. However, many homeowners have no idea on how to decorate their mobile homes. If you fall in that lot, then here are a few simple tips to help you decorate your mobile home and make it perfectly blend with your lifestyle.


Some of the older mobile homes come with paneled interior walls and it might be a little bit dark. If the interior walls of your mobile homes seem dark to you, then apply paint on the strip of the molding between both the panels of the wallboard. Painting with white color works in almost all mobile homes and it also brings a spacious and crisp appearance to the structure.

Floor Treatment

We highly recommend you to remove the old brown carpeting that makes your whole home dull. Replacing the old carpeting with wood or tile will obviously add more grace to your home. Many mobile homeowners also prefer to use rugs in order to bring a cozy setting to their home. In addition to that, they also use neutral rug to highlight the stove area of the mobile home.

Furnishing and Upholstery

Make sure not to clutter the rooms in your mobile home. It is always wiser to use a single large piece of furniture rather than placing a few small pieces in a room. Preferring plain colors while selecting the upholstery will make the area of your house look a lot more spacious. Always use light materials on the windows of your home and stay away from heavy curtains and drapes.


Changing the cabinets of your mobile home will help you to bring a new look to the home. Make sure to buy lightweight cabinets that perfectly match with your theme such as light or honey colored oak. However, if you are planning to stick with your current cabinets, then make sure to apply a few coats of fresh paint, as it will certainly bring a fresh look to these cabinets.