Selecting an Exhaust Unit for your Bathroom

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Manufactured Home Exhaust Unit

Many of us do not give much thought to the bathroom exhaust fans in our homes, even though they are an essential part of all bathroom units, not just manufactured home bathrooms. Bathroom exhaust fans not only minimize the humidity levels but also help to prevent the build up of gases inside the bathroom. As there are so many bathroom exhaust options available for cheap manufactured homes, you need to be much careful while looking for the best bathroom exhaust fan to be used in your home.

Almost all the mobile home manufacturers list the physical dimensions of the exhaust unit used in the house and understanding the dimensions is very important owing to the limitations and constraints in ceiling height. In addition, you need to check and verify that the unit has a small duct at the backside to pump air out of the home. The small duct at the back will be present only if the fan is not provided with a carbon mesh filter to clean impurities in the air. Do not forget to consider the following points while looking for exhaust unit to be used in your manufactured home bathroom.


This is one of the most important things, which you need to consider while looking for an exhaust unit for your bathroom. The airflow capacity of the exhaust fans can be measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). The typical small exhaust fans can provide 30 to 50 CFM airflow, whereas the larger ones can offer between 200 and 300 CFM.

For the ventilation to be adequate, you need to install an exhaust unit that can offer the necessary airflow. To calculate the minimum airflow requirement you just need to multiply the area of the bathroom in square feet with its height.

Sound Level

The second thing to consider is the noise level of the unit. The loudness of the exhaust fans are measured in Sones. Most of the mobile and modular home manufacturers say that exhaust units that generate 2 Sones and less noise as quiet ones. Experts say that the quietest will generate only 0.3 Sones of noise and that the loud ones can generate up to 4 Sones of noise.

You will need to choose a bathroom exhaust unit that is not so loud to disturb the ambience inside the house and for that, units with noise of 2 Sones and below are ideal. Get in touch with your manufactured home builder for more details regarding this.