How to Hurricane Proof Cheap Manufactured Homes

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Cheap Manufactured Homes
Hurricane Proof Manufactured Homes

Mobile and manufactured home living has become a very affordable and convenient living option for many people in the US. You will be able to spot many communities and mobile home parks in your area as the popularity of this living is on the rise.

The main defense of a mobile home against hurricanes are the anchors and tie downs. Having proper tie downs and anchors will ensure that your mobile home is still standing after a hurricane. Missing, faulty or unstable anchors can allow a manufactured home, which may otherwise survive the hurricane, to be badly damaged or destroyed.

Note that newer mobile and manufactured homes are constructed under strict supervision and quality checks, as the Federal standards for mobile home manufacturing are very stringent. It is a must that mobile homes in hurricane prone areas are anchored properly. It pays to check the anchors of your mobile home, especially if the home has been relocated.

Make sure that the steel anchors of the home go to a depth of four to five feet into the ground and the anchors are braced by steel plates. The type of soil determines the depth to which the anchors should be set.

For instance, the state of Florida requires anchors to be set every five feet four inches on the center, along the sides, and along the rear and front sides of the home. If the home is a doublewide home, it should have at least nine anchors placed at each end. In fact, this requirement came to effect in the year 1999 for all mobile homes and cheap manufactured homes.

Straps that are tightened with bolts are used to hold the home to anchors. These straps usually run over singlewide mobile homes and under doublewide mobile homes. This mechanism of anchors and tie downs form the foundation of the mobile home, preventing the home from lifting or twisting at times of hurricane and heavy winds.

Remember that anchors and straps can rust over time, even though the state of Florida has recently made changes in the rules to have rustproof straps that would maximize the life of the anchors and tie downs of the home. Yet you need to hire a licensed mobile home repair technician and check the condition of the tie downs and anchors used in your mobile home frequently. This would help in making sure that your house is safe from hurricanes.