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Tips to Repair Squeaky Mobile Home Floor

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Repairing Squeaky Floor

Mobile and modular home manufacturers offer a variety of floor types, but the most common ones are the wooden floors. In the long run, you might experience a typical squeaking noise from the mobile home floor and this is a very common issue with the wooden flooring in mobile and manufactured homes. Yet again, you do not need to suffer this issue every time you walk on the floor of your mobile or manufactured home. You can simply follow the steps that are discussed below to get rid of the squeaky floor in your mobile home.

Find the Location

The first thing to do is to find the exact location of the noise. It may not be an easy job to find out the precise location of the squeak though, and you may have to walk on the floor and mark those areas where you suspect are noisy with a marker or a masking tape. You need to repeat the steps until you mark all the squeaky areas on the floor, and then figure out which area is the real culprit.

Identify Squeaks Underneath

The next thing to do is to go under the mobile home with a strong flashlight to identify the squeaky areas from underneath the home. Usually, the squeaks will happen along the steel frame. When you are ready to look for the squeaky areas underneath the home, ask someone to walk along the places that you marked on the floor.

You will be able to find lag bolts underneath the home that are spaced twelve inches apart. You need to go under the first steel frame of the home and make your helper walk along the first spot that is marked to find out those lag bolts.

Tighten the Lag Bolts

The next step is to tighten the lag bolts that you have identified loose in the second step. You can use a ratchet to tighten these bolts. While you are tightening the lag bolts, ask the helper to keep walking on the area until you do not hear any squeaks. Repeat the process until you finish tightening all the lag bolts that you have identified loose.

These are the simple steps to fix squeaky wooden floor in mobile homes. After tightening all the bolts, double check that the floor is not squeaking anymore, by walking on the complete flooring of the mobile home.