Retrofitting the Mobile Home

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Cheap Manufactured Homes
Mobile Home Retrofitting

Cheap manufactured homes save energy cost, provided you retrofit the exterior and interiors. Retrofitting the roof provides living comfort to the mobile home occupants. Below are some retrofits that make the mobile home for sale into energy efficient dwelling.

Covering Cheap Manufactured Homes Roof

Mobile home manufacturers follow rigid HUD codes to build mobile homes. A solid roof covering would trespass natural light into the mobile home interior. Using the shingles to ricochet the sunlight during summer season is a way to ensure that. However, to reduce the smog in manufactured homes in winter, you need to pick the right shingle material. Metal shingles are generally used in the small mobile homes on a frozen land.

The SIP Kit Manufactured Home

By using the Structured Insulation Panel kits, mobile home manufacturers can speed-up the factory assembly work. The SIP kit is an organic panel used in cheap mobile homes construction that consumes less energy. Installing the sloped roof over the SIP widens the mobile home for sale exterior.

The Manufactured Home Kitchen

Insulating the mobile home kitchen would lower the kitchen residue. The wastages in the kitchen would have a major impact on the energy savings. Experienced homeowners implement fiberglass in the kitchen interior to aid mobile home cooking. In fact, turning the kitchen appliances off is a customary practice in small mobile homes.

Smart Lights Provide Comprehensive Light

In cheap manufactured homes, smart lights dim and brighten as per the room ambiance. All mobile homeowners use it, now that smart lights are an alternative solution to the standard CFL. However, you need to conduct light audits in a timely manner to better the lighting fixtures installed by mobile home manufacturers. Auditors search the lighting system entirely and give hints on electricity consumption in the mobile home.

Cleaning the Mobile Home Furnace

Manufactured Home
Manufactured Home Kitchen

Most of the small mobile homes use grilled furnace that leaves only a marginal footprint. In addition to that, homeowners would have to self-clean the furnace if grease forms. In some mobile homes though, homeowners use a squirrel cage fan to clean the furnace grease.

Weatherizing Cheap Manufactured Homes

The plastic coverings clear the drafts on the window during winter. Removing the plastic shall be done on small mobile homes during the off-season. You need to use foam tape to cover the mobile home for sale windowsill accordingly.

Moisture Resistant Manufactured Home

Appliances such as the air conditioner clear moisture out of thin air from the mobile home. In fact, moisture creeps through sidewalls and create a leak if not sealed properly. Further, insulating the wall where the AC is placed makes the mobile home for sale moisture-resistant.

The Weatherized Mobile Home

A manufactured home for sale is insulated before the structure is assembled on a property. Yet again, most of the cheap manufactured homes are weatherized optionally. So if there are un-insulated floors, the occupants need to use cellulose coating down under. For better ideas, borrow the original floor plan from the mobile home manufacturers.

Manufactured Home Furnace Heat In-Check

Use skirting on the furnace and tape the furnace to cook safely in the small mobile homes’ kitchen. Check for the ducts and joints that may loosen underneath the furnace. Use duct tape to keep excess heat out of the furnace in check.

Moisture Resistant Cheap Manufactured Homes

Sealing the roofs and walls of a manufactured home clears the moisture and the mildew. Sealing the gutters in between walls would better the HVAC installed by the mobile home manufacturers.

Changing the energy solutions from top story to the bottom half of cheap manufactured homes are easier said than done. Changes in the mobile home for sale codes can be expected as well, for the HUD budget is around the corner.

Benefits of Retrofitting Cheap Manufactured Homes

Homeowners have a proportionately higher chance to retrofit their cheap manufactured homes than in the case of stick-built houses. Below are some of the listed benefits of retrofitting small mobiles homes.

  • It makes the installed modules energy efficient.
  • It helps to replace torn off insulation.
  • It helps to do repairs on the fastened spare parts.
  • It makes sure to insulate the sidewalls.

The key difference between the pre-HUD mobile home and post-1976 manufactured homes is the construction of modules in the controlled factory environs by mobile home manufacturers and its assembly. Take, for instance, the thermal standards that were changed in 1994 by the HUD. While the changes may not affect older dwellings, new manufactured homes for sale have benefited to a great extent from it.

The Manufactured Homes for Sale Pitch

Adding to the things mentioned, some small mobile homes do come with energy-certified modules assembled from the factory of the mobile home manufacturers. For example, think of the weather-stripped doors and the solar panels on a manufactured home. In fact, homeowners may replace the halogen bulbs outdoors with LED lights to control energy costs. Look for EnergyStar rated modules to retrofit better, and to make an impact on the mobile home for sale.

The Mobile Home Energy Audit

Mobile Home Manufacturers
Mobile Home Energy Audit

An energy audit helps to determine the potential savings to the mobile home occupants. A certified auditor audits for countless hours with sophisticated tools that check small mobile homes thoroughly. The audit sheet is prepared before conducting the audit in a manufactured home and it helps to generate better conclusions.

The audit covers the manufactured home extensively, and the suggestions help lower the energy costs by 10 to 40 percent approximate. Depending on the condition of your mobile home for sale after purchasing, you can opt for a preliminary inspection or hire an audit specialist. Things such as blower testing and thermal scanning are common once the audits get underway.

Coined Terminology in Manufactured Home Segment

There is not much difference between the mobile home for sale and manufactured homes for sale apart from the interchangeably used terminologies. The term ‘mobile’ was used before the year 1976, and since then, the term ‘manufactured home’ is coded permanently.

Nowadays, homeowners embed technology and gadgets in their home to control their respective dwelling with synchronized apps, which in turn makes small mobile homes into smart homes. Well, the term smart home is not in the terminology of the HUD, but is a coined term.

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